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What is the Art Living Workshop?
The Art of Living is a practical course of experience and knowledge. It is designed to develop the full potential of a person and help the individual to enjoy life with a positive attitude. The techniques and tools learned bring greater peace, energy, awareness, and joy to daily life. A key component of the workshop is Sudarshan Kriya, a simple but powerful technique utilizing the breath that eliminates emotional toxins and brings the body, mind and emotions into harmony with the inner self. Various other techniques are taught, and the program includes simple yoga postures, guided meditations, and other group processes.

What will I Gain From The Workshop?
While each person is different, many participants report a reduction in tension and stress, and greater sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being. Tools and techniques learned during the program are easily practiced at home and can greatly enhance one's daily life. The program has attracted the attention of international organizations such as the world Health Organization (WHO). Dramatic results in post-war Croatia prompted the WHO to offer the workshop to both patients and doctors is several countries. A number of studies have begun to document a wide range of emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Are there Any Requirements for Taking The Workshop?
The workshop is suitable for people from all backgrounds. There are no special qualifications, expect a desire to improve your life! You must attend all six sessions of the workshop.

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The Breathing Technique
Sudarshan Kriya

Rhythms abound everywhere in nature, day follows night, tides rise and fall, and seasons come and go. Countless biological rhythms exist in the body. When theses rhythms are in sync, we feel a sense of harmony and well being. When stress throws us off balance, chaotic rhythms are created within us and we feel a sense of discomfort and discontent. The mind wavers, vacillating between worries about the future and regrets of the past.

A solution can be found through the breath …the link between mind and body. Like other rhythms throughout nature, our breath also moves in specific patterns at particular times. Every emotion is instantly reflected in the rhythm of the breath. When we reintroduce natural rhythms into our breath our body, mind and emotions can be brought back from a condition of chaos to a state of balance.

This is the practice of Sudarshan Kriya. It is a technique of direct experience that you can receive during the Workshop. Course participants report that with regular practice (10 -15 minutes a day) there is a vast improvement in physical and mental energy, productivity and creativity, as well a feeling of greater harmony with others.

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