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Breath Water Sound Workshop

Breath Water Sound Workshop (An Art Of Living tool mainly consists of Yoga & Meditation techniques - also known as the Nav Chetna Shibir on the Indian sub-continent) is a dynamic program, which has been designed by Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the socially, economically, physically or emotionally challenged sections of the society, whether they be urban or rural.

From the Ghettos of Chicago to the inaccessible tribal regions of India, over 2 million people all over the world have benefited from this workshop - Building their lives and their communities in the process.

The workshop provides tools that improve over-all health, wellness and increase enthusiasm and mental focus. Participants learn breathing, sound relaxation, and meditation techniques. As these techniques eliminate stress from the system, the mind gains the clarity to solve problems - when individuals are uplifted the whole community is enriched.

A major component of the workshop is community service. The final two days of this four-day course are centered around community empowerment and taking responsibility for the needs of one's community.

More details about this FREE workshop, Please contact the local Art Of Living Centres. You can also contact us on |
The Workshop: Simple self development course | About 1 ½ hours a day | 3 to 4 days

Relief from stress

Stress free attitude to work

Enhanced work efficiency

Improved Physical fitness

Improve Interpersonal Relationships

Better quality of life

Who all can benefit ?
General Laborers
Industrial / Factory Laborers
Agricultural Laborers
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