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Art of Living Part II / Advance course
 The Art of Living Part II course guides one on a journey deeper into one’s self, enabling the spontaneous integration of life, and wisdom. It offers a chance to dive deep into genuine relaxation. We need to rest in order to be more dynamic. However, often we come back from a vacation feeling more exhausted, and in the need of another one. The Part II course is a vacation in the truest sense of the word. Complete with silence, meditation, seva (service), and celebration, it will help one emerge refreshed, revitalized and invigorated

With deep Meditations, powerful processes and a wonderful blend of Sadhana, Seva, Satsang and Silence, this course will take you deep into your true Self.

If you haven't experienced the Part-2 course, you ARE missing something in life - you are missing the `you' in `your life'.


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