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What is Ayur Jagruti ?

Ayur Jagruti is a first level utility programme that imparts the knowledge of 'Holistic Ayurveda', which includes yoga and the allied sciences from the ancient Vedic lore.

Ayur Jagruti focuses on the practical aspects of how to live a healthy and happy life making use of the discipline of the age old and time tested system of Ayurveda through nurturing the body and mind so that one can easily attain one's goals in life.

Ayur Jagruti aims a a two-pronged action, viz, detoxification becoming healthy) & immunization (maintaining the health) through proper food and lifestyle. It is achieved through a series of interactive session supported by audio-visuals, presentation, moderated discussion etc. It is a first step for those interested in learning more about Ayurveda, and for those desirous of positive health so as to assist themselves in designing a unique lifestyle of their own, based on the knowledge of one's constitution.

Ayur Jagruti - Upcoming Course Schedules

In this programme one learns to listen to the intelligence of one's own body which is in constant communication with the outer nature. The programme throws light on the unique principles of ayurveda, the most important of them being:

- Every individual is unique in this creation
- As is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm
- Food is medicine
- Tripod of life - the body, mind and soul
- The 3-dimensional principle of Ayurveda ie., Diet, Lifestyle & Herbs, towards achieving Holistic Health.

Highlights of the program

Discover your unique personality type
Having a balanced diet
Explore a complementary lifestyle
Tips for detox
Healing Yoga
Therapeutic Hand Mudras

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Ayur Jagruti - Upcoming Course Schedules

Location : Karama, Dubai
22 to 24 February 2013
Fri 6.00-9.00PM, Sat & Sun 7.30-10.30 PM
Call : + 971 50 5886201

  Location : Salmiya
6th - 8th March 2013
Please call : + 965 66083790 | + 965 99135361 | + 965 65887067 | + 965 94065569 | + 965 97111872
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