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YES! (The Youth Empowerment Seminar)
For children in the age group 14 -18 years
The Youth Empowerment Seminar is an innovative and dynamic program that nurtures the qualities of creativity, compassion, leadership and friendliness in today's youth, so that they can share themselves with the world to create a brighter future.
Youth today face many challenges both inside and outside the classroom. As a participant on this course you are encouraged to go beyond a limited view of life and perceive the world in all its diversity.
The initial 20-hour seminar is comprehensive. It includes practical tools for releasing stress, relaxation and yoga exercises, problem solving strategies, leadership training, social skill development and creative projects. Such vital skills as these enable you to nurture greater inner strength for managing negative emotions, conflict, peer pressure and criticism.
Through simple exercises and games that encourage creativity and learning, this program connects with children in a fun and light atmosphere.
  • Reduce Stress ..
  • Ability to manage negative emotions ..
  • Increased health & well-being ..
  • Improved mental clarity & focus ..
  • Greater creativity ..
  • Improved self-esteem & confidence ..
  • Better focus and retention of study material ..
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