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Question : Guruji, how can spirituality be vested in our children and how can it be made part of our education system?
Sri Sri: The first question, yes, I thought about it. You know, We shouldn't make spirituality so serious to kids. It should come as a play, as a game, something juicy that they can rejoice and enjoy...that's why we made this small curriculum called the Art Excel (All Round Training In Excellence). And Youth Empowerment Seminar, YES, its for young adults. In this the children look at their own inhibitions, barriers, how they put on some barriers, you know. Someone wears dirty clothes; just see how you will talk to them. It becomes a barrier, an inhibition in the mind. Similarly, if some saint comes, with long hair and beard, you deal with them in different manner. And a model from cinema walks in, you are ready to hear every word. With them, you behave differently. It means, we can not leave the outer color, skin, clothes and look inside that person. We keep a barrier in our brain and we do not cross that barrier and look beyond. We train the kids in that. Then they lose barriers even between age-groups, you know. What they can share with their class-mates, colleagues, they don't share with their parents, or people of that age, you know. And they thoroughly enjoy these seminars. I want more and more teachers for these. I'm little bit hesitant to make it as a part of curriculum. Because anything you make part of the curriculum, you kill the pleasure in it. Usually children enjoy that which is extra-curricular.
An introduction to the Art Excel
Little Angels
Age Group 5 - 8 Years
Happy Workshop - Little Angels
ART Excel
All Round Training in Excellence
Age Group 8 - 13 Years
Improves Health, Memory, Concentration, Inculcates Compassion, Friendliness, Sharing, Inspires Joyfulness, Creativity, Belongingness
Youth Empowerment Seminar Seminar for teens
Age Group 13 - 18 Years
Enhance your memory, focus, concentration, clarity and confidence. In convenient locations in your neighborhood...Manage your Stress, Relationships, Improve Self Esteem.
Upcoming courses for the Kids
Upcoming Courses for Kids in Kerala
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