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Eternity Process
Question: My intellect takes time to understand, can you talk little bit about time being spherical.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: OK. It's a very difficult topic. Hmmm... Whatever happens in 24 hours time during a day, to recollect and remember how much time do you need? Do you need 24 hours? From the time you woke up till you go to bed, these 18 hours, so many things happen. To recollect these you do not need 18 hours. You need may be 18 minutes. Even if you slowly recollect every event 10 min. is sufficient. So what is time? Now in memory the 10 min is equal to 18 hours. Similarly when you fall asleep, sometimes your dream appears so short, sometimes you experience that which happened 15 years ago. So vivid and clear and sometimes what will happen in future.

Do you see now time is spherical? Like a ball… In a ball outer circumference is like 18 hours. But inner, which connects to every outer point is only 10 min. The time you take to go round the 18 hours is same you take to go around the inner circle (10min). In 10 minutes you got everything. So in the consciousness you go and share experience. Time, mind, world is spherical. That is why there are dimensions in time. So in this lifetime you can have experience of so many life times. When you go through eternity process, what happens? You came to know that which happened some 300 years ago. It is like piercing the ball going to a spot. A gentleman had pain... went through the process and found that in World War II he had fallen from plane. And the pain then disappeared and he became all right. Haven't you heard about this? There are so many cases. Many psychologists work on this regression theory and heal people. Because time is spherical.

Right now the memory, the mind are one whole. So here it appears day and time but in moon so many days have passed. In space it is so different. This universe is full of events and in many directions and there are multi dimensional times This means it is spherical.

The future and the past they all exist in the present. So you can cognize the future now. How do these psychic people work? But it's not solid. There is always a possibility of change also. The change of the event is possible now. Do you see what I am saying? See, in a bowl of glass there is a fish and you can predict that the fish will move within the boundaries of the bowl. But it can go in any direction and you cannot predict that. It has this freedom but it has not freedom to come out of the bowl.

Similarly in time freedom is also there, so it can go, generally you can predict But prediction of future cannot be 100%. The more centered you are, you have 50 to 70% freedom. More dispassionate person has much more freedom.

Another Powerful tool from The Art Of Living

The soul is eternal. Our existence is timeless; we have been here before in the past and will come in the future too. The different actions of the mind and body which we perform affects the present moment. Every thought we think, becomes fine and is stored in the form of Samskara or impression in our mind. It remains latent for sometime and then it rises in the form of mental waves and produces desires, fears and different emotions. Our past is what decides if we can be in the present moment and live life to its full capacity free from negative emotions and fears.

To help us overcome these impressions in the mind, our beloved Guruji has designed a course called ETERNITY PROCESS which enables one to see into our past lives, and eradicate the negative elements, while we are surrounded by his love and grace, so that we can overcome the past impressions and learn to be in the present moment and celebrate life.

The eternity process is just like a guided meditation, a one to one session for about 2 to 3 hours.

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