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Sri Sri Natya

This Five Day Course consists of 2 hours sessions each day and offers beautiful experiences through a combination of Dance, Music, Asanas and Meditation.

All living beings have a natural tendency to express joy via movement, it is especially the case with human beings, dance being an expression of joy.

The precise purpose behind Sri Sri Natya is to enable one and all to experience the joy of movement, or dance; and the healing effects of music.

Sri Sri Natya enables one to enjoy the language of Indian classical art forms and to help everyone explore the spirit of dance and music, which is bliss. This workshop is meant to help one leave behind day to day life, and enter a world that is surreal.

It is a joy to watch 150 - 450 people sway to music and express themselves through the language of Dance

For any queries, please contact SRI SRI Natya desk on + 91 991 6035018 or email to

Duration - 5 days; 2 hours daily
Dance, Asanas, Meditation
Eligibility - Anyone above 10 Years
Non-AOL persons also can join; for both men and women

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